About The LIFE!

Welcome to The Life!

At THE LIFE we know that God has a you, that He created you to be. It’s a you
that’s alive, full and free. It’s a you that gives and receives LOVE, that’s free to
really LIVE life to the FULL and that understands when we GIVE  of ourself we create opportunities to live beyond ourself.

Here’s how we go about helping you live life to the full in Christ!                          

+ We’re “All-In”

+ We love big

+ We step up

+ We’ve got your back

+ We serve hard

+ We can’t out give God


 We’re “ALL-IN” 

We’re cranked up from the real transforming work of the gospel, Christ and His kingdom we freely received into our lives.

 We love big

We will give life to every person and place because every single person matters. Found people find people… it’s just what we do.                                                                                                                                              



 We step up

Coming to Christ is a free gift that happens instantly. Following Christ… now that’s a commitment to “step up” for the journey that Christ leads us.

 We’ve got your back

Life is not a solo act! It is God’s design for you to unite, belong, care, grow & laugh together in community life groups.


We serve hard

We’re pumped about serving to create environments where lives can be forever changed by the work of Christ. It’s what joining Team Lifeguards is all about.

We can’t out give God.

Simply put, everything we have are gifts generously given to us by God. We choose to live lives that model that same generosity as followers of Christ.

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