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Fall Semester 2015



1:00 p.m. Chicago Bears Life Group

4:00 p.m. Student Ministry

6:30 p.m. Basketball Activity Group



7:00 p.m. Sermon-Based Discussion Group at the Bjerks home.


11:00 a.m. Ladies sermon-based discussion group

7:00 p.m. Sermon-Based Discussion Group at the Stones home


7:00 pm Sermon-Based Discussion Group at Stephen Seitz home

7:30 p.m. Sermon-Based Discussion Group at Rebecca home



Outreach Life Groups

Online Groups:

Prayer with Teresa M.


At The Life, Life Groups are active groups. In addition to times of prayer or Bible study, we “do life together” through intentionally building friendships. We believe that when you deepen relationships it perpetuates biblical discipleship. Throughout Scripture—from David and Jonathan to Paul and Timothy—relationships were a catalyst for growth. Jesus spent much of his ministry on earth pouring into men and women who responded to his invitation to be in relationship with him. In these examples we see lives that were altered by friendship. Growth is never accomplished alone. Life Groups are about creating purposeful connections that lead to these kinds of life-giving relationships.

In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul challenges those who have placed their trust in Christ to be agents of reconciliation. Reconciliation means to “change from a state of enmity to one of friendship.” Christ’s finished work on the cross has reconciled us to God, giving us life and salvation. But that’s not all: God has given us a ministry of showing others that they can be reconciled to God and to people. We can live this in our example of loving each other as the family of those who follow Jesus, as well as by welcoming those who don’t yet know him. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we believe no one should do life alone.

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